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Chicharito hit the game fifa coins for sale

Le 29 May 2015, 04:03 dans Humeurs 0

Chicharito hit the game fifa coins for sale winner for Madrid in their Champions League fixture against rivals Atletico Madrid today, allowing Real Madrid to advance to the semifinals. The Mexican striker being really excited for pulling a victory for his club decided to over celebrate, which aggravated Henry.


Henry insinuated that the celebration was over the top 'like he had just won the World Cup'


Hernandez individual moment of brilliance came within the last two minutes of normal time after a neat pass from Ronaldo. Henry believes that while Chicharito should be happy for his goal, the credit should be given to Ronaldo.


Brazil's national team easy fifa coins head coach

Le 25 May 2015, 03:34 dans Humeurs 0

Brazil's national team easy fifa coins head coach, Dunga, believes in Neymar and places him on a high pedestal. Brazil has produced several football legends/stars and according to Dunga, Neymar might be the last genuine star.


Dunga admires Portugal and Holland for the top players they are now producing and at the same time is deeply concerned about his nation. Dunga thinks that the upcoming Brazilian footballers lack attacking talent which they were once famous for.


"What is happening in Brazilian football is that we used to have players who scored a lot of goals in Europe and who were points of references, but we no longer have players like that nowadays," Dunga told


Malanda – full name fifa coins for sale

Le 21 May 2015, 03:44 dans Humeurs 0

Malanda – full name fifa coins for sale Bernard Malanda-Adje – was a promising young midfielder who had represented Belgium through numerous age groups. He appeared in ten Bundesliga games for Wolfsburg this term. His past clubs include Zuite-Waregem and Lille.

According to BILD, he was scheduled to catch a flight to a training camp later on Saturday evening.


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